Research Interests

Statistical signal processing, Bayesian estimation.
Optimization method: proximal algorithms, ADMM, OMP, ...
Sparse Representation: dictionary learning, sparse coding, ...
Sequential Bayesian inference: adaptive filter, Gaussian sum filter,...
MCMC methods: Gibbs sampling, Metropolis-Hastings, reversible jumps, hybrid algorithms....

PhD Thesis

Bayesian Fusion of Multi-band Images:
A Powerful Tool for Super-resolution


Jean-Yves Tourneret


Nicolas Dobigeon


Hyperspectral (HS) imaging, which consists of acquiring a same scene in several hundreds of contiguous spectral bands (a three dimensional data cube) has opened a new range of relevant applications, such as target detection, classification and spectral unmixing. However, while HS sensors provide abundant spectral information, their spatial resolution is generally more limited. Thus, fusing the HS image with other highly resolved images of the same scene, such as multispectral (MS) or panchromatic (PAN) images is an interesting problem. The problem of fusing a high spectral and low spatial resolution image with an auxiliary image of higher spatial but lower spectral resolution, also known as multi-resolution image fusion, has been explored for many years. From an application point of view, this problem is also important as motivated by recent national programs, e.g., the Japanese next-generation space-borne hyperspectral image suite (HISUI), which fuses co-registered MS and HS images acquired over the same scene under the same conditions. Bayesian fusion allows for an intuitive interpretation of the fusion process via the posterior distribution. Since the fusion problem is usually ill-posed, the Bayesian methodology offers a convenient way to regularize the problem by defining appropriate prior distribution for the scene of interest.

Collaborations (past and current)

Academic Visits

2015/05: Michael Elad Invited Talk Technion, Haifa, Israel
2015/02: Simon Godsill Invited Talk University of Cambridge, U.K.
2014/9 & 2015/4: José Bioucas-Dias Collaboration University of Lisbon, Portugal
2013/8 : Israel Cohen Summer Program Technion, Haifa, Israel
2012/8 :
Juan Antonio Fernández Rubio Visiting student UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Review Activities